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“Behind every determined woman is a tribe of Successful & Fearless women, who have her back.”


Federation of Business Women and Entrepreneurs (FEBWE) Liberia is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization focused on advocating, developing, empowering, and promoting women business entrepreneurs and women trade associations in Liberia.  FEBWE Liberia is the Liberia Chapter of ECOWAS/FEBWE. 

  • INFLUENCERS (Women Sole Proprietorships, including our Go-Getters: Female Entrepreneurs, Under the age of 35, Registered or Informal)

  • INNOVATORS (Corporations owned by Women (at least 51% ownership)

  • DISRUPTORS (Women Business Member Organizations in Liberia)

  • GO-GETTERS Read more about our Go Getters CLICK HERE


FEBWE Liberia membership is open to:

  • Women entrepreneurs with a registered business in Liberia, either as a sole proprietor or corporation. 

  • Registered women business associations/organizations in Liberia (membership is recorded in the name of the association)

  • Company listed on our online directory

  • Early Bird Discount to FEBWE events

  • Access to all publications and communications

  • Notification of legislation affecting your business

  • A chance to advocate for a more conducive business environment

  • Access to training, webinars, conferences, seminars 

  • Ability to submit "Your Fearless Story"content for e-publication - shared with our Regional Network

  • Discounts to products & services from our Corporate Partners

  • Access to Regional & International Business Network 

There is no COST to join

Complete the Membership Form

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